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Styles Of Monuments

We have a wide selection of monuments to suit your needs and budget.  

Upright Monuments-A upright tablet that sits on a matching granite base.

Slant Markers- These markers are similar to upright monuments except for the
                           steep angle slope that they have.

Bevel Markers - Similar to the flat markers but they lay slightly elevated and
                             are sloped from back to front.  
Flat Markers - Lay flush with the ground 

Specialty Monuments - Irregular shapes or Monuments with bas relief carving 
                                       or three dimensional

Bronze Markers - Often used in Memorial Park Cemeteries these markers,  like the flat granite markers lay flush to the ground upon installation.

Mausoleums - Large above ground crypts that hold the remains of one to several family members.  

Cliff and Nick Jesso are Certified Journeymen who will use their skills in stonecraft to strive to make your headstone tell the life story of your loved one.